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Neese Roofing is proud to be a very active participant in our community, our family is dedicated to making sure our county (that has graciously supported us through the years) knows that it can count on our team gives back and is here for them!

For the last 2 years, Neese Roofing has participated in a community education organization “Project Lift” along with the Treasure Coast Builders Association. The program aimed to teach high school students various trades and professions, giving them hands-on experience and exposure to potential career paths.

On the days of the event, Neese Roofing provided a team of expert roofers to lead a workshop for the students. The roofers demonstrated the proper techniques for installing shingles and provided an overview of the safety measures necessary for working on a roof. The students were divided into groups and given the opportunity to try their hand at shingle installation under the guidance of the roofers.

The students were thrilled with the experience, and several of them expressed interest in pursuing a career in roofing. They appreciated the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and felt empowered by the hands-on experience. Neese Roofing was proud to be a part of Project Lift and was pleased to have made a positive impact on the students and the community.

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