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Roofing in Palm Bay

The structure and integrity of your home, office, or facility starts with the roof. When you consider what a small crack or leak in the roof can do to your house or building, having the issue identified and addressed quickly is of paramount importance.

If you are searching for the best roofing company in Palm Bay, look no further than Neese Roofing and Construction. Over the years, Neese Roofing and Construction has earned a solid reputation for roof installation, maintenance, and repair. Please call today and find out more about our celebrated roofing services which include the following.


If you old roof has seen better days, it may be time for a new roof to be installed. Our team of trained technicians who specialize in roof installation will work quickly to install your new roof with as minimal disruption as possible.

You select the roofing material and color that best suits your needs. We will set a time that is convenient for you to have the roof installed.


Is your roof leaking? Does it have cracks or imperfections? We can help you find out. Schedule a roof inspection and let our roofing specialists go over the entire roof. We can identify and repair small cracks, splits, or other imperfections that might be letting the rain in.

By addressing such issues in the early stages, we can help prevent expensive repairs that only become worse over time. A regularly scheduled inspection can save you money.


But what if your roof does need repair? We are the roofing company in Palm Bay that can do the job. We use high quality materials and techniques to address many different types of roof issues. From small cracks to large sections that need repair, we can do the job with results that last for many years.

Adding Insulation

If you want to save on your energy bills, adding insulation can certainly help. We offer our insulation services that add layers of protection under your roof to keep the heat or cold on the outside where it belongs.

Emergency Services

Storms can strike at any time. That is why we provide fast emergency services when your roof is damaged. When you need repairs to your roof conducted quickly, our trained professionals will be there when you need them.

Why Choose Neese Roofing and Construction?

If you are looking for the roofing company in Palm Bay that offers high quality services at low, competitive prices, Neese Roofing and Construction is here for you.

Our celebrated roofing services start with our highly trained, experienced roofing technicians who emphasize high quality work so the results last for many years to come.

  • Years of Experience
  • High Quality Materials
  • Fast Installation & Repairs that do not sacrifice Quality
  • Low, Competitive Pricing
  • Strong Warranty

When you need proper roofing in the Palm Bay area, Neese Roofing and Construction is here for you. We offer the best in inspection, installation, repair, insulation, and emergency services all at prices that fit your budget. Call today and talk to our friendly, courteous staff and let us explain our services, answer your questions, and let us help you with all you roofing needs at Neese Roofing and Construction.