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Roofing in Rockledge

If you live in the greater Rockledge area, having the best roofing company at your disposal can not only provide the services you need, but save you money as well. The right roofing company in Rockledge provides roofing services that fits your needs as well as your budget.

If you want the best company that provides complete services for roofing in Rockledge, look no further than Neese Roofing and Construction. We are the roofing company in Rockledge that provides the best in roofing installation, repair, inspection, insulation, emergency services, and more all for a low, competitive price.


Our installation services begin with you selecting from the wide range of materials and colors that best suits your home. Once you have made your choice, we will set a time at your convenience for the installation to begin.

Our highly trained professionals will install your roof with minimal disruption. We treat your home like we do ours by emphasizing speed while not sacrificing quality. Plus, we clean up after we are through to protect the integrity of your property.


A regular inspection along with inspections after large storms have struck can help save you money in the long run. By identifying small issues early, such as cracks or separations in the roofing, we can address them before they become major repair problems.


But what if your roof needs to be repaired. Our knowledgeable, experienced roofing professionals can carry our repairs quickly and efficiently. We use the right materials and techniques to seal the cracks and repair the damage. And all our services are performed for a low, competitive price.


Adding more insulation to your roof can save you money on your energy bills, Let us install new insulation that provides that extra layer of protection. Protection that can add up to big savings over time.


Damage to your roof can occur at any time. That is why we provide emergency services that are available day or night. Our team of professionals can arrive quickly to address situations with your roof which brings you peace of mine. Do not hesitate to call when your roof has been damaged.

Integrity, Honesty, and High Quality

At Neese Roofing and Construction, we understand that our reputation is only as good as the last customer we serve. That is why our free estimates and strong warranties demonstrate our commitment to being honest with you, our customer. We hope you consider our celebrated roofing services as Neese Roofing and Construction offers the following reasons why we are the best in the greater Rockledge area.

  • Free Estimates
  • Honest Pricing
  • High Quality Services & Materials
  • Dedicated, Professional Staff
  • Strong Warranties

We are the roofing company in Rockledge that is here to serve you. At Neese Roofing and Construction, we provide the best services for roofing in Rockledge all for low, affordable prices. Call today and talk to our friendly, courteous staff about our roofing services. Let us be your trusted roofing company that provides what you need at a price that fits your wallet.