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Are you planning to get commercial roof maintenance for your building? Perhaps, you’re in search of the ideal service providers that can assist you with this? Whatever the case, you’ll be glad to know that you’re in the right place!

Preventive Maintenance  

After the initial roof installation, it’s pertinent to be aware of your roof’s preventative maintenance needs and schedule. Preventive maintenance by Neese Roofing keeps your roof in good working condition and prevents small issues from becoming costly major issues. You wouldn’t buy a new vehicle and neglect to change the oil and check the tires, brakes and belts . Preventive maintenance is your “check engine light” that keeps a roof functioning as it should. Roof warranties call for regular maintenance in order to keep the warranty current and effective. Many manufacturers require that this maintenance and inspections be documented, something Neese Roofing does for Commercial Roof Warranty Requirements.

Another metric that is so important living in a coastal storm area such as Florida is documentation for Insurance purposes. It will be an easier process if you need to file a claim to have pre-loss documentation especially for aging roof systems. This is accomplished during the inspection or preventative maintenance

Inadequate roof maintenance can lead to premature failure. This exposes your building to water damage, potentially disableing your business, equipment, and productivity. A preventive maintenance program will minimize leaks in prone areas, helping prevent building and structural degradation from water intrusion, and keep the roofing insulation dry. This strategy increases the likelihood that insulation can be “re-used” during the next installation. This reduces the cost of the second installation by 30 to 40 percent, and helps prevent unnecessary waste.

Overall, it’s important to know that preventive maintenance increases the life of a roof by as much as 50 percent, reduces roof-related expenses and subsequent damages, freeing up capital for other uses, and cuts the time and effort required to address emergency repairs. Implementing a regular roof maintenance program is critical to validating the warranty, prolonging the life, avoiding failure of a commercial roof, and reducing liabilities related to roof leaks.

Professional Roof Maintenance

Send us a message today if you have questions about our commercial roof maintenance services.

Why Maintenance is Crucial for Your Commercial Roof

If you’re still uncertain about whether or not you should acquire about our commercial roof maintenance service, here is why maintenance is crucial for your commercial roof.

  • In-House Labor – Virtually all our work is conducted by our own employees, allowing us to maintain quality from start to finish.
  • Properly maintained roofs are much less of a liability to owners. If a roof isn’t suitably maintained, then it could cause tenants loss of business and cost the owner dearly.
  • Roof maintenance is a non-intrusive and requires a small amount of time to complete, which implies that your commercial roof could undergo proper maintenance without the occupants being disturbed due to excessive noise.
  • A well-maintained roof protects the building’s interior from severe weather conditions and at times, also assists in fire prevention. Additionally, it also adds to the structural integrity of your building.

Top Tips To Help you Know When It Is Time For Inspection Or Maintenance In your Commercial Building

Signs Of Moisture Or Leaks In The Roof

It is best to identify and fix the problem quickly. Maintenance work for roofs includes fixing these issues and adjusting the roofing panels and structure. It is a good thing that signs of leaks in your roof are obvious, so you have enough warning to call us in for maintenance and avoid emergencies.

Recommended After The Warranty Expires

Manufacturers of roofing panels usually state the warranty period for the products. It is best if you schedule roof maintenance after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. That does not mean your roof panels go bad after the warranty expires, but maintenance is necessary to ensure the roof’s structure does not fail. Warranty periods usually last for up to one year

Loss Of Energy Saving Properties

Good roofs such as the shingle and metal roof panels have insulation properties. If you observe that your roof has stopped protecting the inhabitants from extreme weather conditions, it is time for maintenance.

Neese Roofing is always ready to move to your location, even if we did not do your roofing job. We are open to starting new relationships with every client out there. So don’t hesitate to call the Neese Roofing team for your commercial roof maintenance.

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