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Metal Roofing

Have you decided that now is the time to put a metal roof on your home or commercial building? Maybe the roof is showing excessive wear and no longer looks appealing or your insurance provider has sent you a letter to replace the roof or lose your coverage? If so, you’ll want to solve the “how to find a metal roofing contractor near me” problem by verifying our company’s experience.

Our modern roofing systems come with many options and decorative choices.

Here’s how we’re different: instead of moving ahead with quick price, we will listen to your needs and we’ll walk you through options available for your home or business some of which may make the best sense for the goals you have for your investment. This is not an upsell its an opportunity to have the best choices for your property . We want you to have the best roof possible, whether that means the cost is more – or it ends up being less. We’ll provide the options and let you decide for yourself.

At Neese Roofing, we prioritize client satisfaction over everything else, because of which we ensure no compromise over the quality of services that we provide. You will certainly not be disappointed by the quality of roofing services that we have to offer.

Why Should You Get Metal Roofing For Your Home?

Metal roofing in Indian River, St Lucie, or Martin County is one of the best investments you can make for your home or business today. Whether you’ve got your dream home , investment property, or a commercial building, the roof is where your structure requires the most support. It also can be the most important protection that your insurance provider looks at when it comes to wind mitigation credits or discounts.

Neese Roofing is real proformance roofing when it really matters!

  • Did you know that some asphalt shingles are being required by underwriters to be replaced in as little as 10 years ?
  • At that rate, you could have 2.5 – 4 different roofs installed for the rated time that some metal roofing systems & warranties last . Even at the lowest end of the scale, our manufacturers typically offer a 25 year warranty.
  • Reach out to our team today to discuss your options, talk about an estimate, or get onto our schedule.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Add to the Beauty of Your Home

One of the apparent benefits of metal roofing is that it can significantly add to the beauty of your home. Metal roofing is available in numerous different colors and styles. Metal roofing allows you to reestablish the theme and style of your home. Doing so can also significantly boost the net worth of your home. Metal is a rapid roofing solution! Most houses have the metal roof installed in just a day.

Make Your Home More Durable

In regions like ours with a constant threat of hurricanes or severe storms, adding a metal roof gives the primary protective area of the structure some of the highest wind ratings and durability that meets and supersedes most insurance and building code requirements. 

Your metal roof can withstand strong winds traveling at 150 miles per hour or greater according to engineering and testing.

Increased Efficiency

Metal roofing is a highly preferable option if you reside in a region with extremely high temperatures all year round. Other alternative roofing options are likely to absorb the heat from the sun and hold it even when the sun has gone; however, metal roofs reflect heat and have a faster thermal flash-off. This means when the sun is shadowed by clouds or has gone down, it releases the temperature quickly. 



Advantages Of Metal Roofing For Your Building

Whether it is a new building or you are thinking of replacing a failed roofing structure with metal roof panels, here are the top benefits.

Pro-formance Roofing when you need it most!

Outstanding Insulation Properties

The metal panels help to keep your energy bills low because of their insulation properties. For example, during summer, the panels deflect heat energy, keeping the interior parts of your home cooler.


Metal roofing can last for many years. The tough metal roof panels offer the best protection from strong winds or hail. Our team will handle your project excellently, to ensure you have peace of mind without worries about extreme weather threats and roof leaks.

Aesthetic Appeal

Metal roof panels are available in different colors. You have the advantage of selecting metal roofing colors that match your building. Make your home stand out in the neighborhood with a beautiful appearance.

We Never Outsource Our Jobs

Neese Roofing has an in-house team that handles new installations, maintenance, or restoration jobs. You can trust us to execute your roofing project quickly and efficiently.

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What Our Clients Say

Larry has been in the business longer than anyone else on the Treasure Coast, and it shows both in his work, and his professionalism. This guy knows his craft, and always provides above-and-beyond service at an affordable price. It can be tough finding a dependable contractor, but Larry Neese is always so dependable. I recommend him all day long!

Joe Rosen

Larry and his team just replaced my old roof last week and they did an AMAZING job !! I absolutely love the shingles that Larry had shown me at his shop and he also gave me the address of a church that he just finished with the same shingles to go check it out so I could make my final decision. I am over the top thrilled with the way the roof looks. Thanks so much Larry and your team for doing such a FABULOUS job !!!

Carolyn Brians